Snow Pants for curvy women...

Currently struggling to find a good pair of snow pants for skiing. It's been so long since I've shopped for snow pants, probably about 10 years, and I'm actually super disappointed in the selection. I don't want to have to spend an arm and a leg trying to find a good pair to fit. I'm a solid size 12, with muscular legs and all the pants I've tried have not worked and have zero stretch. Any suggestions?!


Re: Snow Pants for curvy women...

Hi! I am a curvy fit and recently shopped for new ski pants. I ended up going with a bib but found a couple of other great options. 
I really liked the Patagonia Snowbelle Pants and the North Face Freedom Insulated Pants. While they don’t have stretch, both have plenty of room and an adjustable waistband. I always struggle with pants that fit everywhere else but are too big in the waist. 
I ended up going with the Patagonia Powslayer bibs and love how they fit! I did end up going up a size; I am typically a pretty solid 12/L but I went up to an XL. I am excited to try them for the first time this weekend
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