FAQs regarding REI's recent store closures

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REI Community Manager
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Q: Why are you closing your retail stores?

A: All of REI's 162 retail stores and Arizona Adventure Center are closed until further notice. We believe this is the best decision to keep our employees and customers safe in this unprecedented moment.

Q: During REI store closures, are there any delays I should expect?

A: We like to be transparent, so we want to let you know that due to higher-than-usual demand and contacts, our return processing times, inventory and deliveries, and responses in general may take a bit longer than we’d like. Please know we’re committed to the best possible customer experiences and we’re working hard to cover all of our customers’ needs. Our goal is to continue to serve our valued co-op members and customers, fulfill orders to get your awesome gear to you, while keeping us all safe. Thanks for your patience!

Q: Will you be accepting dividends as donations back to the company (to help cover cost of employees who need additional sick/family leave due to the virus, extra measures to keep stores and shoppers safe, or even donate to the CDC Foundation, etc.)? 

A: It’s questions like these that make us so proud to be part of the co-op community. If you’d like to contribute to the outdoor community, consider a donation to one of our nonprofit partners. Many nonprofits are hurting right now, and they would certainly love your support. https://www.rei.com/h/philanthropy 



Q: What if I want to buy something? 

A: We can help! Our website and contact center are still open for business during this time. We will be fulfilling orders made through our website and our Sales & Customer Support team is available to help answer questions.  

Q:  Can I still pick up my order in-store?   

A: All orders that have arrived in stores can only be picked up once we reopen our stores. In addition, while our stores remain closed, all new orders must be shipped to your home as we cannot currently ship to our stores. If you need any help with a new or existing order, please call REI Sales & Customer Support.



Q: Will you offer free shipping? 

A: Yes. Standard shipping fees will be waived on REI.com purchases shipping domestically while stores are closed. Please note that due to the possibility of damage during transit, we have excluded several oversized items from home delivery, including cartop boxes, ebikes, and select boats. We recognize the frustration this may cause during our store closures, however we are also striving to avoid the frustration of having a large damaged item arrive at your home with no easy option for a return/exchange.
Q: What are my options for returning something during REI's store closures?
A: You have a few options for processing a return with us during our store closures. You can always wait until our stores reopen, knowing that we have extended our Return Policy to ease concerns about return timelines (see next FAQ for details). If waiting for your local store to reopen does not work for you, you can send your return back to us through the mail (instructions can be found here). Please note that we are receiving a higher-than-normal volume of returns so our processing window is a bit longer than normal; rest assured, we will issue refunds as quickly as we can.
Q: What if I miss my return window because your stores are closed?
A: With our stores temporarily closed, we’re doing everything we can to make things easier for you. We’ve updated our return policy so any electronics purchased after 12/15/19 and any other merchandise purchased after 3/15/19 may be returned once our stores reopen. Everything else is subject to our standard return policy.
Q: Will you provide prepaid shipping labels for returns?
A: Unfortunately, at this time, we are not able to provide prepaid labels for returns. In the previous FAQ, you can find updates that we've made to our Return Policy to ease with returns once our stores reopen.

Q: Why won’t you provide prepaid shipping labels for returns?

A: In this unprecedented time, our teams are working as fast as they can to serve all of our customers’ needs, including processing the returns we are receiving. Unfortunately, with the current level of returns we have received and the possibility of further disruptions to our normal business operations, we simply are not able to facilitate a different return process than the one we currently have in place.

Q: Why is my bike taking longer than expected to be delivered to me?
A: When all aspects of our business are up and running like normal, the majority of bikes that our customers purchase are picked up in our retail stores, where our local bike technicians are able to support with final bike assembly. With all of our retail stores temporarily closed, bikes that would normally be assembled by our store technicians are now all being assembled by a much smaller team of bike technicians located in our distribution center. As you might imagine, this constraint is slowing down our ability to assemble and ship bikes as quickly as we’d like. With that in mind, our leaders are aware of the delays and are actively working on solutions to improve delivery time. We very much appreciate your patience as we quickly respond to these unprecedented circumstances.
Q: What are my options for bike service while your stores are closed?

A: Despite our store closures, we recognize that you may need a little help putting a new bike together or fixing an existing bike that needs a little work. Please email us at cyclinghelp@rei.com to connect with a certified bike tech for technical help; within 24 hours, they will connect with you via email or phone. A few important details about this email address: (1) at this time, we are not able to set up appointments or schedule any in-person assistance; (2) to ensure our technicians are able to answer all of the technical questions our customers have, please ask all of your general bike and accessory questions here in the community!

Q:  I dropped my bike off for service and now my local store is closed. Is there any way I can get it from you during your store closure?

A: We understand that this is a frustrating situation and we are actively pursuing solutions that will continue to prioritize employee and customer health and adhere to all local and federal rules. Currently, while our stores remain closed, we do not have a way to reunite our customers with their bikes and we apologize sincerely for this situation. We commit to providing updates here in the community, as soon as we have them.

Q: What does this mean for a past-due rental return? 

A: As soon as we reopen, please work with your local REI store team to return your products. We are pausing all late fees during our closure. 



Q: I am confirmed for a local experience/event/tour/class in my community. Is that cancelled?  

A: If you are registered for a class before May 31st, yes. And registered attendees of paid programs will receive a 100% refund. To provide you with flexibility in your plans through the summer, if you wish to cancel or transfer due to health or safety concerns related to COVID-19, REI will waive our 48-hour cancellation requirement. Please check back with us in late May to re-book your program.

Q: My local experience/event/tour/class was cancelled but I haven’t seen my refund. What should I do?  

A: If your class is in the next week, email customer-support@rei.com with your registration confirmation number, date of your event/class, your name, & email address. If your class is not for a few weeks, we would greatly appreciate your patience as we process a large amount of refunds. 

Q: Does this have any implications for your adventure travel business? 

A: For a number of weeks, REI Adventure Travel has been proactively communicating with guests about coronavirus (COVID-19) virus to answer questions and help them prepare for their active vacations. We have also been monitoring updates from U.S. State DepartmentCDC and WHO and keeping in contact with our local teams for updates. 

Increasingly, there are ever-changing entry and exit requirements for many countries and travel restrictions are being implemented without notice. As a result, we are discontinuing all domestic and international trip operations through May 31 and working directly with travelers in all areas that have been affected.  

The decision to travel is a personal one. REI is currently waiving any change and cancellation fees for any guest who wishes to cancel or transfer to another trip or date due to travel health or safety concerns related to coronavirus.