Underrated van design features

When building out a van it is obvious that the design must consider layout for everyday activities like cooking and sleeping, but what small details of van design did you consider- or wish you considered- when planning your build?

I spent a lot of time strategizing how to accommodate my bikes and folding kayak, but overlooked where I would store a wet PFD and my helmets. 

It also didn't take long for me to learn that in van life there are at least three categories of laundry-clean laundry, (really) dirty laundry, and "should be washed but will be worn again laundry". 

What tips do you have for maximizing space for van life?

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Re: Underrated van design features

It really depends on what kind of van you have.  I have a Honda Odyssey and wet PFDs and muddy clothes go in a mesh bag strapped tight in the roof rack.  It's really just finding a place outside the van it won't fly off.

Alternately,  you could seal them in a container but it can be potent when you open it up at home.

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