Living Outside

I just got back from a three week road trip and could of kept going. Thought it would be great to live that way for a while and was wondering if there may be a movement of people with the same idea. Outdoor people like myself tend to love the outdoors so much they would rather be outside.


Re: Living Outside

Lots of full time RVers out there;  think of it as a big van, although some actually are converted vans.  Lots of different options.  While I'm not full time and won't be, my wife and I have been RVers into our fourth year of the life. My sister in law and her husband, on the other hand, just retired from 15 years of full timing, so I do have some insight into that lifestyle. Trips for us range from a few days to our longest of six weeks. Anything from just a quick getaway in our mobile cabin to using it as a base camp for my Appalachian Trail section hiking. Check out some of the RV forums;  you'll likely find like minded folks.  Just to when your appetite, here's a good general purpose RV site:  http://www.irv2.com/forums/

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