Opt To Act - Simple Action #36: When possible, shop in person, locally and seasonally.

Join REI in making the fight for a life outdoors part of your life with the Opt to Act Plan - 52 weeks of simple actions to reduce your impact, get active, and leave the world better than you found it. Full details can be found here.

Week 36: When possible, shop in person, locally and seasonally.

Driving less and choosing local foods (over imported foods) can reduce overall greenhouse gases—plus eating local is a fun way to learn about regional foods. Stop by a farmers market to get to know the growers in your community. Pro tip: Ask the farmers for recipes to go along with the in-season fruits and vegetables you buy. Some farmers markets will also have stalls full of local preserves and jams, sustainably raised meats, and homemade pastries and breads. Drooling yet? Follow along with Bon Appétit’s Farmers Market Challenge for recipe inspiration.

Take part: Aug. 2–8, 2020

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well lived.