When can I join the Wichita store family

Hello REI family,

My name is Blake Schwartz, a Wichita native, and I am thrilled to hear that the new REI location still plans to open later this year. I was saddened to hear that such a great organization had to suspend opening its new location in my home town as I was excited to seek employment and find my new career with the company. As an avid outdoorsman and a recent college grad I was wondering when the new store might resume hiring for all positions. Please advise! Thank you!


Re: When can I join the Wichita store family

@schwartzblake1  It's great to meet you Blake, thanks for reaching out!

Our Wichita team is also thrilled to be opening a store in your hometown later this year. We encourage you to go to our Careers Site at rei.com/jobs, fill out a profile with your resume and experience, and set it up for alerts for open positions at the Wichita store. That way you'll get notified when a job posts at that location.

Hopefully this helps, best of luck and congrats on your recent graduation!

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