Hello from Wichita!

Hello Wichita, and everyone in Kansas!

My name is Ian, and I've been with REI for almost 10 years now. I'm new to Kansas and relatively new to the Midwest. I lived and worked in central Iowa for 4 years before moving to Kansas to open our store in Wichita earlier this year.

My wife and I love cycling, primarily mountain but we're also becoming big fans of gravel riding. I'm thrilled with the amount and quality of awesome trails we've found so far, and I'm stoked to keep exploring the area and finding new places to ride!

I can't wait to connect with our community here in Wichita, and learn more about all the great places to recreate in our area. If you have any spots that can't be missed, I'd love to hear about them! We recently made it out to Wilson Lake and I was blown away by how cool it was!

Cheers, Kansas! Thank you for being so welcoming already! 

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Re: Hello from Wichita!

Hi @REI-IanE!  Welcome to Kansas.  There is a pretty good group of gravel riders in Kansas.  One of my favorite biking trails is at Fall River state park - but that one up at Wilson is incredible!