Toddler snowshoe style help...

I have a small 2.5 year old. He’s small but mighty... at 34” and 24lbs. 
mill take any advice but mostly... do I want the flat snowshoes for him or the ones that rotate as you step? 

I want an inexpensive option but plan to use them multiple times over multiple winters... easy terrain. We will be doing outdoor learning/homeschooling/nature exploring/picnics. 

leaning toward the tubbs kids’ snowflake but also considering the msr tyker (and anything else you recommend). 



Re: Toddler snowshoe style help...

@HaveKidsWillTravel Hello there again!

Personally, my kids have used the MSR Tyker snowshoe to great success (as much 'success' as one can achieve when you're a little person walking through the snow ;-). I found them to be the easiest snowshoe to get on and off, and they're made in the same style as the MSR Denali snowshoe, which has been a mainstay for winter adventurers for many years.

I'd like to connect you to @sarahbobera, who is also thinking about how to get her kiddo out on some winter adventures. She recently posted: How to help my kiddo become a winter tot?  You two might be able to share some info and brainstorm ideas for getting those wiggles out this winter!

Hope this helps, thanks!

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