Quick Overnight Hike

My wife and I are looking to do our first overnight hike. Most of the really popular places in Rainier are booked out and we can't seem to get a permit. Wondering if there are any really good overnighters outside of the park which don't require permits and have great views?

We are hoping to keep it to somewhere around 10 miles round trip but a little more isn't a big deal. We're about 45 minutes south of Seattle so we're already pretty close. Thanks for any help!


Re: Quick Overnight Hike

Hi @BlueLine ,

Your first backpacking trip is always so exciting! I recommend looking around the I-90 Snoqualmie area or just outside of Greenwater, WA. A lot of hikes in those areas would be fun for an overnight trip! Usually these areas require a praking permit (Discover Pass or Northwest Forest Pass), but do not have specific permits to reserve overnight camping.

I realize your original post was last month. Sorry if this is too late!


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