Cynthia from New Jersey

Hi Everyone, 

My name is Cynthia and I live in NJ. You could say I am "new" to the outdoors as of 5 years ago. I started camping with my daughter and fell in love with it.  My favorite things to do are camping, hiking, and SUP.

I absolutely love my REI kingdom 6 tent and have been eyeing the REI kingdom cot (I have been eyeing it for years, lol). My hiking in NJ is pretty limited because we don't have steep mountains or hills. The hikes are more like a walk on a path. I took up SUP about 1.5 years ago and I find it so relaxing. 

I am really excited to be a part of this community and get to know you!!


Re: Cynthia from New Jersey

@Cynllie hi, and welcome! I'm also from New Jersey (transplanted to the NW), love my Kingdom tent (I have a 4, wish I'd gotten the 6) and used my Kingdom cot a lot when I was pregnant! We're happy to have you in the community!

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