Need advice for selling road bike and various camping gear

Hello! I hope you’re staying safe and well. I have been under Doctor ordered, self-quarantine since March 1st due to my underlying healthy conditions. This has caused a severed drop in my ability to earn income.  I do qualify for the SBA loan, etc etc, but need to find supplemental income sooner than later.  This forces me to unload my road bike, tent and other peripheral equipment that goes along with these activities.  Any chance you have suggestions for selling these items? Or could REI help it’s members sell some items during this pandemic? I can’t imagine I’m the only person looking around their home at assets that can be turned to cash for survival right now.   

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Re: Need advice for selling road bike and various camping gear

@Kmcclana we're sorry to hear about the difficult position you find yourself in and appreciate you thinking of the co-op for help. In "normal" times, we do have a program for trading in your used gear in exchange for gift cards; unfortunately, this aspect of our business is temporarily closed, and we're not even sure it would really meet your needs.

There are a number of online options for reselling gear (just be wary of scams), and many local areas have outdoor gear/sporting goods resale shops (although they may all be closed at the moment).

Hopefully some other community members will chime in with ideas and suggestions!

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