What's your favorite cycling adventure?

About 6 years ago, on an REI Adventures trip, I discovered what an incredible experience it is to explore the world on two wheels. When traveling on a bicycle, you have the opportunity to explore places that you might miss by more traditional means of travel. Unlike hiking (which I also enjoy) you are able to cover more ground, while still having time to enjoy the scenery. 

For me, this was traveling the winding cobblestone streets of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Evora in Portugal, exploring the intricate pathways of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam and riding the rolling hills surrounding Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia.  

It addition to visiting beautiful places, traveling by bicycle gives you the opportunity to connect with local people, as you stop for coffee at a roadside cafe, lunch in a small village or an afternoon Coca Cola in the town square. 

So what has been the best cycle travel trip you've taken? What trip is on your bucket list?


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