Road Wheels/Tires for a Co-Op DRT 1.0?


My 11 year old rocks her DRT 1.0!  But a lot of her friends have Road/Hybrid bikes.  

Is there a way to put road wheels/tires on a DRT 1.0?




Re: Road Wheels/Tires for a Co-Op DRT 1.0?

Hey there! Glad to hear your daughter is enjoying the bike, that's awesome!

For a different set of wheels and tires, it depends on what size frame your daughter's DRT 1.0 is. If it's a smaller size, it should have 26 inch wheels and tires on it stock. In that size, we do have some road style tires that will fit those wheels without an issue.

I've fitted this tire for our customers in the past, and always received positive feedback. It's the Serfas Drifter City Tire. It's 0.1" narrower than the stock mountain bike tire that comes equipped on the DRT 1.0, but it has a much smoother tread pattern for city or pavement riding. 

Swapping just a tire is pretty straight forward. We have instructions on how to swap a tube and tire in this Expert Advice article. Many of our stores are also offering contactless shop services now, too. You can see a list of our bike shops here. 

This solution would keep her up to speed with her friends! Happy riding!

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