Recommendations for a bike for my 9 year old granddaughter

I had purchased a kids bike (24") and it was more of a trail bike and appears too small. I am planning on returning the bike when returns in store are safe. With her birthday coming up I do want to go ahead and get a bike. She is tall for her age and I am looking at a women's bike, not sure if I should get small or medium. Can you assist me and make your recommendations. I wanted to purchase with a budget of up to 500.00


Thank you




Re: Recommendations for a bike for my 9 year old granddaughter

@MCB thanks for reaching out for recommendations on a bike for your granddaughter! We thought you might find this recent conversation here in the community relevant and helpful as we helped another customer consider a bike for their grandchild around the same age!

Depending on the type of bike you want to get for your granddaughter (road, mountain or hybrid), we'd probably recommend going no bigger than a size SM, and likely considering an XS. The risk of going too big (which is often a desire to ensure the child doesn't outgrow the bike too quickly) is that the bike is too big and the child doesn't feel confident or safe on the bike, and then won't ride it much until they grow and get bigger.

If you'd like to reply back with a little more description of what type of bike you're interested in/what type of riding your granddaughter will be doing, we'd be happy to make a few specific suggestions on bikes to consider!

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