Portland to San Francisco bike ride / San Francisco area social MTB rides

I am planning on cycling from Portland to San Francisco in late April\May 2020 and would have would like to hear from people on the following:

1. Portland to San Francisco bike ride

Has anyone completed the bike ride or is planning to? I am currently working on my route \ daily schedule (allowing 18 days) and any insights or advice on the trip would be much appreciated

2. Social MTB rides in San Francisco area

I will be spending a few days in San Francisco and would like to do some mountain biking while there. Are there any social rides I could tag along with, nothing too 'sketchy' or competitive! I'd consider myself an intermediate rider and ride the local trails here (Kalamunda Circuit, Perth, Austraila) most weekends.

Are there any other website\forums that I could refer to re the above?



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