Mountain biking with kids

I recently started taking my 13 year old son mountain biking.  I have had him on two wheels (our 4) since he was old enough to talk and he is taking to trail riding like a fish to water.  We have been spending most of our time on beginner trails and he is starting to ask about more technical and challenging rides.  I guess my question to this community is, would you/do you take your kiddos on intermediate or advanced trails when you ride?  If so, how long were they mountain biking before you did this?  Obviously, my concern is his safety and I'd hate for him to get hurt because I pushed him too quickly into the "fun stuff".  Thanks for any feedback.

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Re: Mountain biking with kids

Our kid is far from old enough yet, but if he's interested in the harder trails I'd say yeah, take him in! If something seems too intimidating, there's no shame in walking it.