DRT 1.3 Suntour Raidon fork losing pressure


I bought a DRT 1.3 about 2 years ago. It came with the Suntour Raidon RL 120mm fork. Sometimes after hitting a few bumps, the fork will lose all pressure. It doesn't lose pressure after sitting in the garage or sometimes it will last a whole mellow ride. Is there a service protocol or part replacement that might solve the problem?


Re: DRT 1.3 Suntour Raidon fork losing pressure

Hi @eballard1

Thanks for the question! It sounds like its time to have your seals replaced. I'm particularly curious about what you mentioned re: it doesn't lose pressure when sitting, only sometimes when used. This indicates that there might be more going on inside the fork than just a regular worn out seal. Have you had the fork serviced any time since you bought it?

Suspension service and overhaul is typically performed by professional mechanics in a shop, as it takes specialized tools and parts. 

In any case, the best course is to take this to a professional mechanic. REI bike shops are not currently offering technical service, but when your local Co-op reopens, the mechanics there will be able to take a look and see exactly what's causing the issue and get you back out riding as soon as possible!

I hope this is helpful- feel free to reach out if you have additional questions!

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