Bike saddle measurement

No way to measure sit-bones? No way! Pretty lame since cycling has taken off in a HUGE way. Come on corporate, supply your stores with ways to measure sit-bones so you can accurately help members choose the right saddle, and not have so many returns that cost REI and members money.


Re: Bike saddle measurement

@Markinbham Let me make it clear that i don't work for REI......

But, really, is there such a thing?  I never heard of such when I was a more active cyclist (40 to 15 years ago).  I was riding drop bar ten speeds then and my experience may well not apply to MTBs. etc. of today.

But basically, the narrower the saddle, the more comfortable it was at the end of the day.  The critical was the free space between thighs.

If there is a system such as you describe,  could you be so kind as to name it and describe its benefits?  I am sure that would be of interest.

Is this what is often described as a race to the bottom?


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