Co-Op climbing pack

Does REI make a Co-Op branded climbing pack that is similar to the Osprey Mutant? I'm looking for a pack that can carry all my gear that, ideally, would have a gear strap across the top that can cinch down and carry a rope. 


Re: Co-Op climbing pack

Hey there @LeeM!

Thanks for reaching out to the Community! The quick answer to your question is unfortunately, no. We do not have a Co-Op pack specifically designed with climbing in mind.

Although we have a lot of day packs to offer from our brand, it is worth mentioning that typically climbing bags have some very specific features along with being made with heavy duty abrasion resistant fabrics, that you just won’t find with a typical day pack. 

There are a lot of choices out there! Outside of the strap for your rope, are there other considerations you have in mind, that can help us narrow down the potential selection?

The Mutant looks like a great bag too!  Have you had prior experience with a similar bag?

Here is a link to a previous conversation on the subject of climbing packs that you might also find helpful!

Thanks again for starting some conversation here in the Community!

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