Bay area kayaking with 3 year old?

We live in Alameda and would love to be able to go boating in our community (estuary waters in the Bay) with our just over 3 year old. I see conflicting opinions about doing so in general: kids are only safe in sit top kayaks, sit top kayaks are not appropriate for the Bay waters, it's fine with children as long as you use common sense safety, the Bay waters are dangerous and never okay for children... We have no issues with boating in some of the nearby lakes and such. Is it okay to take a 3 year old into the estuary waters and such in a kayak? We live in a typically small home so storing and transporting a kayak is much more attractive than a canoe. Are any of the REI kayak/canoe classes appropriate with a 3 year old for us to make the jump from the lakes to the Bay?




Re: Bay area kayaking with 3 year old?

@KeenmonkeyAll of our REI Paddling classes do have a minimum age requirement above 3, however you could join the classes learn the skills and get the experience to make a better desision on if you feel the estuary waters is an area you feel confortable to bring your child. You may also be able to connect with a local expert at the class to help find the right location for your maiden voyage on the Bay!

I have never paddled witht my 4 year old on the Bay but love to paddle at Lake Chabot, Lake Del Val, and Lafayette reservior in your area!

Happy padding!

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