Training for climbing: Beginner hangboard and other ideas

Morning REI,

I appreciate you guys for being safe and I hope you all are safe aswell. I have a question about beginner hangboards with what do they do specifically and are there any other things I can use to keep my climbing muscles awake? NONE of my doors have outward frames so I can't mount a pull up bar on any of them. I'm considering the park for the solid rods so I can loop a rope around the gear I order so I can hang from them.


Re: Beginner hangboard and anything else

@Wheaton101 Thanks for reaching out!

Hangboards are a great way to keep your climbing muscles active! They not only work the muscles in your arms and back that you use to pull yourself up, but they give you a very specific way to work on the strength of your fingers and grip. A couple of other ways you could work specifically on your climbing strength would be with a hand strengthener or with a slackline. A hand strengthener is an easy and portable way to work your hand and forearm muscles while a slackline is a fun way to work on your core, length strength, and balance.

Hope this helps, thanks!

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