REI Directors

Just received ballot for Board of Directors

Why don't we ever get a choice other than corporate heads?

How about some people who make their living in the outdoors on a daily basis?

REI is a far cry from its mission when I joined in 1972


Re: REI Directors

@Stuartc at the co-op, the board’s Nominating & Governance Committee works hard to identify and recruit a very strong pool of potential candidates who meet the criteria established by the full board and refreshed each year. Each year, our board receives a very strong list of nominations from across the country and every candidate is an active REI member and outdoorsperson. The selection criteria include business leadership and acumen, community leadership, and diversity – geographic, ethnic/racial, gender, age and more.  

Members who want to be considered for the board may submit a self-nomination application during our summer application window. The committee sees each of those applications and evaluates it against the current criteria for selection.

Thank you for your question, and for being a long-standing member of the co-op.

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well lived.