Recycling old outdoor equipment

I had hoped that REI would be a leader in the recycling of outdoor equipment that they sell but that doesn't appear to be so. Can anyone tell me how I can recycle my old climbing ropes and backpacking tents? Places that used to do this (eg. Green Guru) seem to have stopped this practise unless you live in the city they are located and can transport the stuff to that location.


Re: Recycling old outdoor equipment

@jwm12341 Thanks for reaching out and thanks for taking the time to help keep your old gear out of the landfill!

REI is working hard on solutions for our customers in regards to their old gear that might still be functional for another person. While none of these plans are quite ready to roll out to the public yet we will reach out to our teams who are working on these projects to get some more information for you. You can imagine the challenges in scaling such a project nationwide. In the meantime, if your gear is still usable you might look for organizations in your area that would appreciate the donation of gear. For example, in Fairbanks, AK where I am located we donate used gear in all conditions to Inspiring Girls Expeditions for them to use or repair for their programs. You might be able to connect with a scouting or other outdoor organization in your area. Additionally, I believe there are craftspeople online who make products out of used climbing rope and allow you to ship it to them for up-cycling, however that would require you to ship to their location.

I hope this helps, I will get back to you with more information soon. Thanks!


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