Lack of Women's pants in tall !!!!!!!

I really am frustrated that REI does't offer any of their REI Brand Pants in Tall.  Forces us taller women to shop elsewhere. Please pass along to management.  Thank you - I know the regular employee reading this has nothing to do with it - but if you can pass it along that is great!


Re: Lack of Women's pants in tall !!!!!!!

Hi @skb, and thank you for reaching out to us. Really sorry to hear that you aren't finding any REI pants in the size you need. That can be a very frustrating situation, and we will absolutely pass your feedback along. 

I don't know which of our stores you have been in, but in case you haven't had any luck searching online either, I went ahead and tracked down the REI Savanna Trails Pants  and the Kornati Roll Up Pants on our website, which we still have available in most of our Tall size range. We do have a few more options available, including rain wear if you need it. 

I hope that this was helpful for you. If you need any help in the future tracking down the right pair of pants for you, please feel free to use our new Virtual Outfitting service to get some one on one time with a green vest who will work alongside you to find the right item and size.

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