How do you fix an Onguard Bulldog std U-lock that's stuck?

Good day

I have a onguard bulldog std ulock that has been perfect for me the past 10 months or so.  Now; all of a sudden, the key won't go in and open the lock and I can't lock it anymore; in fact; can't even open it.  What can I do?  Please advise.  Thanks.



Re: onguard bulldog std ulock

@tomnehring Thanks for reaching out, Tom!

We're sorry you're having issues with your lock. It sounds like the cylinders in the lock mechanism are stuck. Your best bet is to use a cleaning agent, like WD-40, to clean out any gunk, debris, or corrosion that may be in your lock mechanism. It may take several attempts, or even letting it sit overnight if there is significant corrosion. You should able to get your key in by gently wiggling it back and forth and freeing up the mechanism. Once you have it functioning again you'll want to use a lubricant, like Tri-Flow, in the mechanism to make sure it is well lubricated and working smoothly. This is an important step as WD-40 is a cleaning agent, not a lubricant. You'll want to periodically reapply lubricant as well, particularly if you ride your bike in a climate that is particularly harsh.

If that does not work, we recommend reaching out to OnGuard's customer service team as they may have some ideas as well. 

Lastly, we removed your personal information from your post to protect your privacy.

Hope this helps!

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