Does REI sell off rental gear and if so, when or how often?

So with the unprecedented demand for bikes during COVID, I was wondering if there is a specific time of year when REI stores that have bikes for rent sell those off as 'used' in order to replace with newer models.

I'd love to (and still want to) buy new CO-OP DRT's for my teens who are using very outdated (and inexpensive) bikes that they're also growing out of, but availability for new bikes is practically zero...so at this point I'd be content getting my hands on a used one (e.g. one used as an REI rental).  Used CO-OP's are impossible to find on sites like Craiglist, at least here in San Diego.


Re: Does REI sell off rental gear and if so, when or how often?

@SDSU-USNA-Alums Thanks for reaching out!

The short answer to your question is, yes, we do sell our rental gear when it is time to refresh the fleet. It is challenging to give you an exact timeline, as that varies by store and product (i.e. ice axes have a longer rental life than sleeping bags). Your best bet is to connect with your local REI store and ask when they are going to turn over their rental fleet. Keep in mind that the gear we rent typically lasts through multiple seasons, so if the rental gear is new it could be a couple of years before it is time to refresh.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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