Bulletin board

 I suggested to our local REI store here in Orlando that there could be set up a bulletin board or some online type of service where we could sell or swap used gear. We used to have a bulletin board in the store in Anchorage. Could this forum be appropriate for that purpose?


Re: Bulletin board

@Pattimac47 this is a great question! For now, yes, you can use this community as a place to sell or swap gear, being reminded of our User Guidelines that state:

"If you buy, sell or borrow gear through the REI Digital Community or arrange meet-ups with other community members, we encourage you to use common sense. Treat these interactions the same way you would when meeting up with a stranger. It can be unsafe, and REI assumes no responsibility or liability for the outcome of these interactions."

As we continue to build and evolve this community, we will be evaluating and determining the best way to handle buy/sell/borrow interactions. More to come!

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