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With my new bike, I find technology has make huge strides and left me behind. I've signed up for your chain and deralleur workshp, but I really want some tutoring on hydraulic brakes. Couldn't find an offering Online, does REI have a workshop on this topic, or--can a customer arrange with store personnel for tutoring?


Re: bike workshops

@Arcadian you're spot on that technology has certainly evolved quickly - thanks for thinking of REI for help! A few thoughts on how to access the specific information you're looking for:

  1. Sign up for a free Personal Outfitting appointment at your local store - be sure to indicate the specific information you are looking for so the store can ensure they have the right employee to help you!
  2. Drop by your local REI store, maybe on a quiet weeknight, and chat with an employee working in the Cycling department or in the bike shop, understanding they may be pulled away to help other customers as well.
  3. Keep your eyes on the classes offered at your local REI store as they vary on a weekly basis - you could also reach out to your local store's management team to inquire about the best way to gain the knowledge you're seeking - maybe it's 1-on-1, maybe there's an upcoming class or a class that could be added.
  4. Finally, we have lots of helpful information in our Expert Advice articles.

Hope one of these suggestions helps!

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