Anchorage, AK - Jeep/Off-road Trails

Based out of Anchorage. Anyone have suggestions for good Jeeping trails in Alaska? Even better if there are good camp spots on the trail. We recently discovered Petersville Road but have yet to get back out to camp. There are also some neat trails across the Canadian border from Chicken in the Sixtymile area where we’ve camped and I’d like to do some more exploring back there.


Re: Anchorage, AK - Jeep/Off-road Trails

Hey @K2!

I'm based out of Fairbanks so I can't speak to the Anchorage area as well as I can for the interior. There are a tremendous amount of off-roading trails in the interior! Cleary Summit, the Fairbanks to Circle Trail, Rainbow Ridge, Boulder Creek, Eureka, King's River, and lots off of the Glennallen Highway are some I am aware of (most of my info is second hand as I am not fortunate enough to own a Jeep (yet!). As far as camping goes, so many of these trails are on BLM land that you can pretty much camp anywhere. There are abundant locations that are 'established' and it is always recommended to utilize those spots and remember to pack out everything you pack in. Thanks!

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