Albuquerque Area Camping

Hi everybody,

I'm planning to go to Albuquerque next May or June and want to do some camping in the mountains nearby. I'm hoping to find a secluded campground or site but within an hour drive of downtown ABQ if possible. I'm pretty sure NM allows dispersed camping, but I'm not from there and don't want to be searching forever for a site. 

I'm an older woman and often camp alone, so safety is also on my mind. I've seen some mention of vandalism of vehicles at trailheads. Is it safe (from humans) to camp in the area? I may bring a few friends who haven't camped before so a campground with a toilet could make their first trip more pleasant.

Here's what I've found in my internet search: Cedro Peak Group CG (My group shouldn't be that big), Fourth of July CG, Tajique CG. Are these sites accessible w/o 4 wheel drive? Are they realistically within 1 - 1.5 hrs from ABQ? Turquoise Trail CG sounds nice but it isn't really my style of camping. I like more solitude.


Any information or suggestions will be very much appreciated.

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