A few kind words for REI Adventures

I never considered myself an organized tour kind of traveller. Then came a really stressful time in my life when I realized I wanted to travel somewhere, but I didn't want to plan, research or organize anything. I just wanted to show up somewhere and be shown amazing sights and be brought to the best trailheads for the most beautiful hikes. 

I figured I'd give REI Adventures a shot and booked a trip to the South Island of New Zealand and had an amazing time. 

Knowledgeable local guides, good food, lots of activities and interesting fellow (REI-loving) travellers. 

I have since travelled with REI Adventures to Iceland, the Galapagos, and Patagonia. 

If you aren't sure about group travel, consider giving REI Adventures a shot. Great trips and helpful staff to help plan and organize your adventure. 


Re: A few kind words for REI Adventures

@sara thanks so much for this feedback! We have passed it along to our Adventures team!

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