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Adding Folsom, CA to Locations


My name is Taylor Faye Benedict  and I am the Stewardship and Outreach Coordinator for a Sierra Nevada foothill based environmental non-profit, American River Conservancy. We have had a solid relationship with our local REI for 5+ years now which is based out of Folsom, CA. We have been posting volunteer opportunities based around rafting, hiking, biking, etc. along with our public program hikes through REI for a while and were instructed to redirect our postings to this forum. There are no central valley/ Sierra Nevada foothill locations available to post to and I was hoping that Folsom, or at least Sacramento, California could be added as a location. I would like to continue our postings but it isn't logical to post to LA. Please advise on how to continue! Thanks.


Re: Adding Folsom, CA to Locations

Hi @julie, thank you for your suggestion about adding Central Valley/Sierra Nevada locations!

We are working on a new way to display locations so they're not in a super long drop-down menu. We'll add a bunch of new locations once that's done, Folsom and Sacramento included. For events and locations that you'd like to post about that don't have a "home" board, just make sure you reference the specific location in the subject line and add the location as a label within your post.

Additionally, a big "thank you" to you for the stewardship work that you coordinate, we are looking forward to seeing your posts about it in the community!

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